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KOR wins first GB on R2!
KOR has won their first GB on Resistance 2 in commanding fashion by destroying Knights of the Front on December 6. A well played game by Duffman, Blazing, Papa, and eviltim. The first game was Skirmish at the Holar Tower and KOR came out on top, 202-48, despite the game starting out close. The next round was a Team Deathmatch at Chicxulub, Mexico and our team of 4 came out on top 80-37 with every player having a good K/D ratio. When asked about the match, Blazing commented, "Evil and the rest of the team were playing awesomely as for me, I was shooting every nub I saw with my Bullseye and marksman. Papa told me FF was on but I didn't quite know until I killed evil.... I was already too late. =]". Good Job guys on this GB!
Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 21:33