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Gamebattles is a competetive gaming website and can be found here, Gamebattles.

If You Don’t Have an Account

To Register:

- Click Join Gamebattles near the top right

- Enter a valid email address that is not used with any other game battles account

- create an available username and a password that you can remember but that is not easily guessable

- Enter information into all required fields

- Click yes… on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

- Do the Image Indentification and then click Join Gamebattles

To Activate:

- open the verification email sent to the email address you entered

- Click the link in the email (or copy and paste the url)

To Login:

- enter your username and password and there you go

- the first message you receive is a good one to look at, so I advise you to do so


If You Already Have an Account


- they are the meat and potatoes of gamebattles

- you must be on a team to do anything on the ladders

- To send a challenge, you must be a captain or higher

- To get specific details, the FAQ’s on gamebattles explain better than I can so look there if you are having trouble


To Get on the KOR Team:

-Let a high ranked person know and they will send you an invite

- accept the invite through the message you will receive through game battles


Other Things Concerning KOR:

 - Don’t send a challenge unless you know people can play, we do not want a forfeit loss

- We try to get our matches done quickly and painlessly so we will try to find clans that do the same

- We are looking for challenges mostly on weekends and later in the day/night (8 cst to 11 cst is the prime time to play)

Last Updated on Monday, 23 June 2008 22:27